Thursday, January 26, 2017

I can't tell you how glad I am that you stopped by!  I am so excited to get started sharing tons of DIY projects, decor ideas, furniture finishing techniques, recipes, and home life and tips and tricks of the trade!! 
The name for this blog came when we were talking about starting the blog and my husband said, "What is important to you?".     
   I said, "Other than God, my husband and children, etc...?". 
  What he meant was something in my surroundings.  I looked around and said that I know it sounds crazy, but my farmhouse pitcher on the table.  Simple as it may be, it screams "FARMHOUSE", and yet it is elegant, versatile, and functional!  What's not to love? It embodies my theme beautiful, farmhouse, practical, home.
  So there it was - The Pitcher & Table.  I kind of hope that maybe someday it will expand beyond the blog, but whatever the LORD has in store for our future,  I'm happy to be sharing it with you!  I hope you enjoy every page!


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