Sunday, March 12, 2017

   Hello! I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Sunday morning!  Ahh, spring is in the air (in a freezing outside sort of way)!  We were supposed to get snow last night, but woke up to sunshine instead!  Though it is cold, it still seems refreshing!  I love that by the time one season is coming to an end, I am so ready for the next one to begin!  God created us that way so we could continually be renewed with life and zeal!  Down with the winter decor, and up with light, bright, spring!  Bird's nests, plants, flowers!
   And speaking of plants and flowers,  we have made one raised bed to start our square foot gardening (cool weather crops, of course)!  We had some snow and freezing weather, so we put on a little "greenhouse" with pvc pipes and plastic.  We will be sharing pictures and progress soon!
  Have a good week!!

~  Heather

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