Signs of Spring

Saturday, February 25, 2017

   Hello!  I just wanted to stop in and share some pictures I took this week! 

 I know there is more cold weather to come, but the signs of spring are here!  I love spring! 

  The birds chirping, flowers, flowers, and more flowers, rain showers, gardening, warmer air and sunshine!  What's not to love? 

   I think it's amazing that God made things so beautiful!  I mean fruit trees could have produced fruit even if the flowers weren't so stunning, but He made them special so we could enjoy them!  I consider them like little gifts from above, brightening our day, and giving us a fresh new perspective each time spring comes around!

 Have a great day, and Happy "Early" Spring!

Spring is Almost Here

Friday, February 24, 2017

  Hello!  I have been so excited that spring is just around the corner!  Flowers are starting to bud, and the weather is getting a bit warmer.  And the "clean and decorate" mode has already hit me!  I have been adding some spring touches around the house, including in this wreath that I made for the front door.  To make the wreath I just used an oval grapevine form and tucked in some greenery (mine was from Hobby Lobby).  I kind of arched the greenery around the top and then down one side.  I then added some burlap ribbon with wire so you can shape it correctly and placed a painted "T" at the bottom.  Notice how everything is set diagonally on the wreath.  This keeps everything more aesthetically pleasing.  Anyway,  I just tucked in the white tulips to add a little touch of spring, and done!  You can use hot glue for anything that is loose, but not the seasonal pieces like the tulips so they can be easily removed.  This is so easy and can be customized with your choice of ribbon!  Happy Spring!

Farmhouse Sign

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

  This little farmhouse sign was so easy to make.  Simple cut a small board or purchase a ready - to - decorate sign and stain it in any color you prefer.  Then just print the word farmhouse on regular copy paper making sure the font is the proper size for your project.  You may need to print on multiple pages and tape them together to get the full word as large as you need it.  Now the fun part!  For light colored wood, color over the entire back of the word with a pencil.  Then flip it over and position your word correctly over the board making sure to center it properly.  Then trace firmly around each letter.  This will transfer the pencil on the back perfectly to your new sign.  For darker wood try chalk on the back, and for very soft wood like pine, skip the coloring of the back and simply trace the letters very firmly.  This will leave a nice impression or outline of the letters.  Now you will just take a paint marker and fill in the letters by hand!  If you wish, once it has had plenty of time to dry, you can add a poly finish or other sealer of your choice to finish the project!

Blueberry Crumb Pie

Saturday, February 04, 2017

We just realized this week that we never make blueberry pie.  Never.  We make blueberry muffins, and even ginger blueberry pancakes, but not blueberry pie!  My youngest son requested it, and I thought it was a great idea, so here it is!  I found the recipe on Pinterest of course, and it looked too good to pass up!  You can find the link and make it too by clicking here!

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