First Raised Bed Garden Box

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I love square foot gardening!  We began reading Mel Bartholomew's book and gathered some good information before we got started, and then found this raised bed plan from Lowes.  It was so easy to build and turned out so cute!  The most expensive part was the soil.  We used a mixture of bagged garden soil, peat moss, and Black Kow compost.  The box was only about $25 to build, but I think the soil was around $50 for a total of about $75 per box.  Here are some pictures showing plant progression so far!

  We have already gotten more spinach from just two squares than we can keep up with!  We have also harvested lettuce as well, and we are loving our little raised bed!  

  This entire colander of spinach was harvested in just one cutting, and I only took the larger leaves!!  It has definitely been rewarding, and the best part is no plowing, no tilling, and no bad soil!  What's not to love?!  

Happy Spring!

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